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You are your biggest asset!

It’s time to recognise that you are your most valuable asset! If you were unable to work, either short- or long-term, would your family be provided for? With income protection cover, they could be. You insure your house, your car and your life – shouldn’t you insure your salary too? Learn more about income protection cover.

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Employee Assistance Programmes or EAP

EAP is a relatively recent development, and it comes from a recognition that problems that originate outside the workplace can seriously affect an employee’s morale and productivity. Ultimately this can become a Human Resources issue, costing the company further time and money.

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What is Corporate Wellness?

If you work for a medium or large-sized firm, you’ve probably heard about corporate wellness. You may already be a member of a corporate wellness scheme, or perhaps your employer has just launched one and you’re not sure if you should join.

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